Turning Point Medical Group: The Importance of Physical Therapy Among Elderly

Seniors can retain their independence with the help of physical therapy. It can be integrated with the management of chronic illness and to improve an elder's mobility and general health. Physical therapy helps in the restoration and improvement of bodily functions, reduction of pain, and attainment of increased mobility for balance and strength. Two of the major reasons elderly people need physical therapy are slips and falls. As we age, we tend to lose balance, strength, and flexibility, and it is challenging to maintain the desired level of fitness causing slips and falls. Learn more on colorado physical therapy.

The elderly population is prone to osteoporosis, which is a progressive bone disease that is characterized by decreased bone mass and density, leading to increased risk for fractures. Regular exercise and physical therapy help in controlling the effects of osteoporosis to prevent fracture. The symptoms of arthritis, most especially pain can be alleviated with the help of strength exercises and training under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, preserving the strength and usage of joints. A physical therapist can teach therapeutic methods to seniors to relieve pain and discomfort, as well as lifestyle and activity modifications. Pneumonia can result from immobility and weakness, and so as for bed ulcers and other infections, but physical therapy can help increase mobility to prevent these medical problems. See more on TurningPoint Medical Group.

If there is a great reduction in long-term strength and endurance, the elderly patient may experience high blood pressure and heart rate as well as decreased oxygen saturation levels, leading to stroke, aneurysm, and heart attack. Physical therapy helps an elderly patient maintain the mobility and strength needed to prevent these medical conditions, improve the physical and psychological well-being and increase the quality of life. Seniors experience a renewed sense of confidence because they can do activities on their own like they never used to for a long time. Safety is always the priority when it comes to elderly care, and a physical therapist can teach the caregiver proper techniques to handle and assist a senior in everyday routines and activities to prevent slips and falls and to maintain the needed mobility and exercise for a higher quality of life. Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_therapy for more information.

If you or your loved one needs physical therapy, Turning Point Medical Group can help you out. It is best to deal with a licensed, reliable, experienced, and trusted physical therapist only from the best. Find out more information about Turning Point Medical Group by checking their homepage or website now.

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